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24 hours tech free



                 By: Tania Chavez, 12



Ever wonder how social media has changed the way we live? The way we communicate and even the way we meet people? 


Especially for teens, we're a huge part of social media. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. It's like we live in this totally different world, which I believe is not a good thing. Everyone is so caught up into it, we forget how to actually have face to face conversations, and we even text a person across the room from us.


Look around, everyone’s face is glued to their phone. Imagine a world without social media. Actually, ever wonder how it was like back then when none of this existed? As far as friendships, relationships, & communicating just in general, I think everything has changed.


So I got to do the "24 hours without a technology" challenge. I wanted to see what it'd be like. Kind of hated the fact that I was going a while day without social media, meaning I wasn’t going to be able to talk/text friends, which is what I normally do throughout the entire day. 


Honestly, I’ll just admit I started off my morning by checking my phone. Completely forgot about my challenge, I guess I failed as soon as I woke up. Realized how it became part of my routine now and how addicted someone can be to their phone. I decided to turn my phone off and put it in my drawer. 


It felt really different not to have my phone around. I literally asked myself what in the world was I supposed to do throughout the entire day and how was I supposed to distract myself from being bored. I was tempted to check the notifications on my phone, so I planned on spending some time outside. 


It actually felt nice enjoying the outdoors rather than looking through my phone every five seconds or so, scrolling through social media, you name it. After an hour or so I got extremely bored and frustrated. Thought about watching TV but then I realized I couldn’t even do that either. 


At home, I sat in the living room and spent some time with my family, had a long conversation which usually doesn’t happen, our conversations only last for at least 30 minutes or so before I end up going to my room to watch TV or be on my phone. I don’t know how i managed to go an entire day without it, but it happened. I turned my phone back on just a while ago and now I am currently typing my experience. These 24 hours without my technology made me realize how much time we spend on our phones and it's crazy, kind of scary too, although social media is fun and all I think we should enjoy the real world more. 



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