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Cougars get involved


By: Michael Nunez, 11


Joining and getting involved in an organization is proven to be one of the best choices any high school scholar has taken at BA. Not only are they fun but they help you in your learning and get your grades up.

On Friday, 28th the head officers of the BA Theater and Tech Theater had their movie night. The two organizations were able to get together and interact socially to get to know each other more. In school they also get to interact with one another and get to help each other in any difficulties they face in class.


10th grader Cynthia Dominguez is one of the best cheerleaders at BA. She endlessly contributes her feelings and thoughts about her organization.


"It’s like having a loving family at school that help you build up your self-confidence and motivation needed throughout your education." said Cynthia. 


At school they earn good grades by keeping in mind that they are representing an organization and because they want to give a good message out about their team.


11th grader Melanie Zavarice is one of the proudest members of the JROTC organization. She feels as the organization brings her motivation and inspiration to move forward and do well in school. It takes her time and dedication to be in this organization but the feeling of being in it is like having a second family out of home, being surrounded by friends that care from different positions in life is a good feeling we all need.

"It feels as being surrounded by good peer pressure is what all teens need and should get involved." said Melanie.


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