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Motion Picture madness

By: Michaela Chriss, 11


Moonlight was an outstanding motion picture that strategically captured the life of a small boy with a rapidly dwindling intuition who gradually grows into a beautiful unreadable human being. Even though his childhood was slashed by encountering  harsh realities of the real world he grew up in, he still managed to survive through his involuntary hard life. The movie tends to touch on the many key aspects individuals face in our society today such as drugs, finding self/orientation identification, neglect, bullying, etc. These topics were breathtakingly displayed through the cinematic lense of a black male self- raised in Miami as early as age 7. The film is divided into three different time periods of the life’s Chiron,  (the leading character also known as Little or Black) himself can barely comprehend as they become obsolete with age. is environment and the impact of others around him, he often questions and becomes quite fearful of how he should walk, if he is rough enough, if he is being as manly as he should, or if his own mother truly loves him despite both of their disconnect and peculiarity from the rest of the world.



Chiron experienced many tribulations such as being chased and taunted by small boys who didn't see him as normal, neglected and disrespected by his mother who was a crack addict as well a common prostitute, served as a daily punching bag in highschool,  and worst of all betrayed by the only person he thought loved him besides his caregivers Teresa and Juan(not including the mother who was never there anyways). Despite his difficulties, he did form a prospering life as an adult- but was this the life he wanted or was this the life he was taught to live to shield himself from criticism and negative remarks gifted by our harsh society?



It wasn’t only the lines that captured my attention of the crafty visual, but it was also the cinematography and camera movements that made each scene and dialogue between the characters priceless. Every look, and sense of displacement in emotion of the characters were timed perfectly between each scene. The subjects that made the main character in the film joyful at any moment were highlighted and easily brought me happiness because they allowed the viewer to see that their can still be joy despite the trials life brings Chiron. The most enjoyable moment if the film was the ending because of how open-ended it was.  Despite all the pain and suffering he experienced as a minor, he has some qualities of mental freedom due to forgiving and reconnecting with those who were the root of his fragile emotions as a child. It is the most solid and credible scene because even though he is currently happy and those around him adore him, he still has to make an impression on those in the world he has always been afraid to live in. Living life in a facade allows us to create an image that we want others to think we have when in actuality, they won't even begin to comprehend the lives we live each and everyday .


Though this is one of the best films I think I’ve seen so far in my life, I would only recommend it to individuals who are highly open-minded and are open to viewing the movie through the lense of the main character (Chiron, Little, and Black all as one).



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