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Cruising with the Crusaders!




               By: Siscely Crayton, 11




The University of Mary Hardin - Baylor (UMHB) College Tour and Football game took place on October 22,2016. We arrived at the campus which was located on 900 College St, Belton, TX 76513.I felt intimidated when I stepped on the campus, it was like freshman year all over again. Once I actually started touring the campus I found it to be a pleasant experience.


The school was full of friendly, supportive, and loving people who were dedicated to making everyone feel welcome and secure. It was the school's homecoming week, so the roads,  people, and the buildings were covered in purple and gold. I loved it, the students were proud to be apart of the crusader's family.


The student body was filled with passionate people who were  committed to coming  together as a community to love and support one another. When I stood in the stands for the first time I felt the positive energy and I felt like I was a part of the crusader's  family.


"No matter where you sit, or who you sit next to, you can feel the spirit of unity. Like a family, while you cheer on the team " said Shane Tharp, parent of a student at UMHB.


  When the tour came to its end, I was considering going there after I graduated.  Everything was in walking distance and the food courts were awesome! The football team pumped up the crowd and  gave me an intense adrenaline feeling as I watched the team perform, both teams brought their A-Game but UMHB overpowered Hardin simmons with the win of 20-15 and the win to my heart !

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