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Breaking up 101


By: Nykkia Clark, 12


We’ve all been through this stage to where we are bored with our significant other and want to be with some new. Sometimes when we do this we don’t know how to do it without trying to hurt them, which then soon still hurts them as the outcome. So in today’s lessons of “how to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend.”


Step one:  Start a petty argument- Reasons to start a petty argument is because you’re going to want to get on their bad side make them angry or feel some type of way. The more irritated they get the easier it is to break up with them.


Step Two: Say things that lowers their self-esteem- Lowering their self-esteem can be help and make them not want to come back, and move on faster.


Step Three: Bring Up Something They Did from the Past That Hurt Your Feelings & Use It against them - Bringing up old stuff is another way of making them mad and it makes it even easier to break up with them. This could also make them feel guilty and they’ll think maybe that’s the reason why he/she doesn’t want me anymore.


Step Four: Tell them you hate them and you think you should see other people- This step is kind of self-explanatory

Caution: If this person ask why here’s some tips you could use

  • Make up some lame excuse

  • Tell them you’re cheating

  • Tell him or her that they are not important to you anymore

  • Post a picture with your Side Chick/Dude and caption it “with bae” with a bunch of emoji’s


Step Five: Block them from everything (Social Media) - This step is self-explanatory also.

Examples: Social Media

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Kik

  • Phone Number (etc.)

*If these don’t work you can also do it the old fashion way just sit them down and say you want to break up. It won’t be as “savage” as my way but whatever gets your point across go with it.*



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