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Eye opener


By: Lenicia Palomino, 10


Walking around the halls of BA, there is a lot of students that choose to do immature things but there is also an outstanding amount of students who choose to do the right thing.


Why staff and other adults choose to go after every student; I have no clue, but I'm not saying they're wrong for doing so. Because they're teaching students to be respectful and mature young adults, as well as getting them ready for life after school.


However, I am saying they are wrong for going after every student the same way, because not everyone is the same, attitude wise, and that's what not all but most staff makes it out to be. Sometimes teachers just need a little reminder not to treat students the same way because people act differently to the same response and it can do a lot more damage to one's self-esteem.


Students are hanging around with their friends most of the time so when one of our peers get accused for something that the majority of the school does, of course someone is going to have an attitude so you have to know how to deal with it because if you fight fire with fire everything is going to escalate. Especially with a lot more students going around with way more stress of trying to pass their classes and trying to succeed.


It gets harder when staff is constantly watching your every move waiting for the right moment to criticize you for anything you may have done wrong. Students also have to remember that teachers have to deal with a lot more then young adults when it comes to keeping someone on track and making sure they are not a distraction to others.


It can go both ways with either a student or staff member, both sides need a little bit of recognizing when it comes to who has the harder part of the deal. So although teachers have a stressful job, they need to make sure the rest of the staff isn't making the students feel like they are under pressure as well because we have nine classes to attend and all classes are completely different subjects with completely different work and completely different teachers with a whole new outlook on things to teach us their view of things which can get confusing and sometimes hard to comprehend.


So even though everyone has their ups and downs we all need to remember that each person is different and not everything needs to be done the same way to a collective group of people.

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