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Being the best around


By: Vincent Nigo, 11


On Saturday, March 25 the BA JROTC competed in the Mansfield Drill meet at Mansfield High School, They Brought home 12 trophies.


Most of the teams that competed participated in three phases Inspection, Regulation, and Exhibition

Inspection is the 1st part of the competition were the team gets inspected one by one by an instructor. The team is then graded on their uniform and knowledge of JROTC.


Regulation is the 2nd part of the coopetition were the team is marched by their commander with a list of commands that is provided before the competition. The team is then graded on marching skills like the ability to stay in step or have the correct distance, the commander is also considered for best commander.


Exhibition is the 3rd and final part of the competition, this is where the team has their own unique routine and has to perform this routine in front of judges and is scored.


The following are the teams that competed and what position they placed in Armed Drill Team, 1st in inspection, 2nd in exhibition, 1st overall. Male color guard, and 2nd in performance

Unarmed drill team, 2nd in inspection, 1st in regulation, 2nd overall. Female pt. team, 3rd place Female color guard, 2nd in performance, 2nd overall, best commander.


 “You all Placed with the minimal amount of effort, think of what you could have got if you had practice more.”

said, Sgt.Guzman.



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