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Bump, Set, Spike!


By: Zitlaly Cantu, 12


After a very challenging volleyball season , ending 8-4 in district and 11-18 as an overall record the lady cougars faced some of the hardest games this season.


The lady cougars volleyball team took their last loss of the season to Adamson. Being tied up for second place in district both teams had to settle this to find out who would end up on top. The lady cougars played a match of best out of 5 games and ended with a 3 game loss to the lady leopards. This game was the toughest they have had to play since it went point by point.


"At the end, the lady cougars did not know the game well enough or game like situations.' said Coach Morrow.


Even though they added another loss to their record the lady cougars were able to secure a playoffs spot and play Conrad for the first round. Unfortunately the Lady Cougars also got defeated by Conrad on a 3 game loss.


"They did not stay mentally prepared and got down on themselves", is why Coach Morrow said they could not win.


" They each had something that helped the team , whether it was skills or leadership", said Coach Morrow about her key players, Kia, Mikayla, Haven, Lily, and Kathleen.

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