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Would You Rather

Flim presentes dangerous situations


By: Aniah Palacios, 12


"Would You Rather," is a decent, low budge horror movie on Netflix. I did appreciate that they didn't just go with the usual copy "Saw" plot that most of these movies use. That being said, the things that happen in this movie are just a bit lacking in creativity, but was very suspenseful. Most of the actors are unknown.

The movie is based on people who are at a dinner and sitting around a table. All the people are in desperate need for money to either help themselves or loved ones because they cannot afford it on their own and the owner of the dinner is filthy rich and he invited the people so he could give them money, but the is a catch all the people have to play a game, "would you rather" the game included people getting beaten, burned alive, getting stabbed, for example they either had to electrocute themselves or the person next to them all under 30 seconds to decide and the last person alive wins the money.

The main character "Iris" ends up winning the game and winning the money she needs to help her dying brother, but when she gets home her brother killed himself.



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