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B.A.rt Tiles

Ms. Bell keeps tradition alive


By: Andrea Hernandez, 11


The ceramics 1, art class, with Ms. Bell, is working with clay tiles to portray a personal meaning for Ms. Bell to keep & remember her students by.


Ms. Bell has kept this project going on her own for 3 years, since she started to work here in Bryan Adams.


"Mrs. McLaughlin started this tradition when she was the art teacher". said Ms. Bell


Over a 100 tiles decorate the walls in her classroom.


"It's, a neat way for students to leave behind something", said Bell


Many of her art students have added their likes, hobbies, even cultural representation to their tiles. Junior scholar Abigail Pedroza, decorated her tile with a 3-D embedded sea anchor to portray her interest in the ocean.

Abigail found many interesting aspects on Ms. Bell's art tiles.


"The most interesting thing that amazes me is the art tiles represent the passing years of her former students". said Abigail


When asked about  the future plans for this project Ms. Bell contentedly said "I want to continue this project so it can cover up these walls, to make it feel more artsy".




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