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UTD experience



By: Aurora Alvarez


Since last friday was the last sophomore defense that was going to take place, I decided to visit UTD to get a look at the environment and what they offered. Overall, the experience was phenomenal.



Once I arrived at the campus I entered the “visitors building” and was greeted by friendly students. I was then directed to a meeting room, there a lady presented a slideshow showing what the whole campus was about and what it provided.



After the meeting, we were assigned tour leaders, her name was Anna she took us to different buildings and provided us with all sorts of information of the campus background. The school was announced as the #1 ugliest schools back in the day, but then Jim Von Ehr donated 36 million dollars and it was not allowed to be spent education wise, it was then when the campus was renovated completely.



This campus is  very beautiful, it has a very welcoming vibe to it as well. The school offers dorms and they even have a living room so that one still has their own privacy. Their mascot is a comet named temoc, a very interesting thing  is that it has a lot of athletic activities except for football. They have stores inside where you can go in and buy electronics such as computers, tablets and laptops, they also have vending machines throughout the school with school supplies. They also have a variety of restaurants inside the campus , Panda Express , Chick-fil-a, and Ben and Jerry's , they also have their own custom restaurants. Overall the experience is very pleasant and very impressive.




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