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New Sounds to our Cougars

BA's new Modern Band class




                   By: Nicole Rodriguez,11




As the throngs of students and faculty approach room 106 they hear something unusual to their Cougar ears. That’s the sound of the newest musical experiment at BA. Modern Band. The new class taught by Christopher Jennings focuses on the more “modern sound” of popular music such as rock and jazz. Students of all levels hone their skills on guitars, piano and drums.


Christopher Jennings was the choir director at Sam Tasby Middle School, feeder for Conrad High School. He was hired to be the choir director at BA but became the teacher of the new class. This class was a offshoot of the Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for students “unlock their inner music makers.”


“The Little Kids Rock organization donated 30 guitars, 10 pianos, and 2 drum sets we use,” Jennings said. 


Some students in modern band have some musical experience while other are completely new to playing an instrument.


“During the first semester the students learn guitar and during the second they will focus on piano and drums.”


Now that BA has Modern Band students will want to achieve more with their musical abilities.


“By the end of the school year the students will combine everything and come together to make individual rock groups,” he said.


In May the BA Modern Band class will participate in an event called, All-City Jams  featuring workshops  and student music performances by elementary, middle  and high schools’ modern band students.  This is the largest event of its kind in the country.


“We are very excited to see how this year goes, and to see how BA does with this program,” said Jennings.



The 8th period Modern Band class learning guitar chords.

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