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Wish list drive


Ms.Born and Ms.Virasin are doing a wish list drive for the dallas children’s advocacy center to help children that are in need of a little help.


The wish list drive will only be from Feb. 06 to Mar. 09 students who do donate are required to drop off items they want to donate in room 217 and 218. The items that are being donated must be new and selected from the list that students are provided with. Things that are needed are, essential items ,baby items, toys for boys and girls, white standard cases,pillowcases and undergarments for girls.



The purpose for this advocacy center is to give counseling for families that have been abused in the past and sometimes even give financial support. More than 67 centers are opened in texas and it has served about 725 child abuse victims.It has been going on since 1970’s. The actual founder was David Mcdonald,Deputy Mcdonald's da



“I think it amazing they do great work there” said Deputy Macdonald,law enforcement teacher.



“ I think these kids often have a drift,  after going through that time and sometimes financial problems this might be helpful” said Ms.Virasin, english 4 teacher.



She was the one that reached out to the center to help out.



“I think it's important to not pretend that poverty and violence don't go in our community. It is good to be involved as teachers and also our students. Its our act of love, if anybody would like to donate the drop off will be in room 217 and 218.” said Ms. Born , english 4 teacher.

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