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Cougars Clean


By: Danesha Johnson


During the last two Saturdays Student Council officers, BA students and SMU volunteers worked to spruce up the big courtyard. Trash and leaves were gathered on the first Saturday followed by adding a new coat of paint to the picnic tables on the 28th.


The two BA courtyards are a real asset and source of pride for the student body, staff and the community. Students and administrators enjoy the courtyards as a place to gather, socialize, have lunch or just cut through them on their way to class.


The clean-up lasted from 10am-noon and although the clouds seemed threatening the weather held throughout the morning. The event was sponsored by Ms. James, Ms. Schaefer and Ms. Suhl. Afterwards the volunteers were rewarded with a pizza party in the freshly cleaned courtyard.


The volunteers brought their best attitudes and came prepared to help. It was a community service opportunity for seniors, NHS members and anyone who wanted to help.


Over 10 garbage bags of leaves and trash were filled.

The wooden picnic tables are a relatively new addition to the courtyard having only been added this year. The tables were starting to show their age and the paint was beginning to peel away. The new coat of paint should protect them from the elements for a few years until another group of volunteer Cougars come along to repeat the task.


"It was a great experience and everyone really helped out" said Senior Class President Kia Brown.



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