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Last Smile at BA



              By: Dianna Torres, 12



On Thursday January 26 and Friday January 27 Logan's Photography came to Bryan Adams so that seniors could take their senior portraits for the 2016-2017 yearbook. This year it was held in portable C during their English classes. Students who didn't get to go during their English class or students who forgot their money were allowed to take them on their free time either on Thursday or Friday. In order to be able to take their pictures, seniors had to pay a fee of $20 including their senior quotes. Some seniors believed that it wasn't worth the money while others thought that it was a great experience. 


"I could've spent that money on something else and take a formal picture somewhere else." said, Nebeyeleul Ermias


"It was a great experience, glad to say it'll be the last picture I'll be taking at B.A and the photographers were very nice and friendly people". said, Elijah Robles 


 Senior portraits were not mandatory, however, if they didn't take their portraits then the yearbook staff would have to put the students I.D. picture. Also, many seniors felt a bit rushed with trying to figure out what they were going to put as their quote. Fortunately, senior quotes are due in about 3 weeks from today January 26. Out of all the four hundred seniors of the class of 2017 about 300 took their portraits.


If you're interested in buying the yearbook it’s only $65 and you can also buy an ad, if you have any further questions please go to room 249 for more information! 



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