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Avid is the next big thing

By: Annabel Garia, 12


Avid is becoming very serious at BA. It is trying to become one of those schools that is all about Avid. For example North Garland High School is an Avid demonstration school. Which means their students all use Avid strategies in each class and are given the support they need to succeed and be prepared for college. Avid is about pushing students to succeed, to be organized and responsible. 


Coach Ellis has had her students create a one pager on topics she assigned to each student. The learning methodologies she included were Cornell notes, staying organized with binders and agenda, philosophical chairs, and college bound. If you look around the scoop there is info posted about Avid everywhere. Coach Ellis wants to turn BA students into college bound scholars. 


On the other hand, Cornell notes are a main priority to Coach Ellis because they help students a lot. They are an organization method which is divided into two columns. The left side is for key words and questions. The right is notes. Another topic she assigned us is philosophical chairs. It is like a debate among students. A topic is given and there are students who agree on it and students who don't. They each have to talk and listen to others without interrupting. I interviewed quite a few students on their thoughts about Avid and here's what they said to me: 

"I know avid helps prepare students for the big world, you get to visit colleges, and apply to scholarships" said Joceline Vazquez (senior).


"They help with college stuff, and help students stay organized" Stephen Rudolff (senior).


"I don't know nothing about avid" said Jordi V. (Junior)


"They help you with colleges and readiness", Sophia Calderon (junior).


"Avid is the key to success"



Example of Cornell Notes

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