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Cougars see red

BA blood drive with American Red Cross




                 By: Diana Torres, 12



On Thursday September 22, Bryan Adams held its annual blood drive in the library. People from the community came in and donated blood just like the students and staff did. People who helped and donated were glad that they did because it made them feel good that they could save someones life.

Senior Elijah Robles said "I helped because I want to be somebody and help save lives."

 Ninety units of blood were donated. According to the Red Cross for every donation 3 lives are saved. The fact that BA has so many participating students shows how productive and supportive the Bryan Adams community is. To show their gratitude the Red Cross, gave out white shirts witht the Red Cross symbol to volunteers and donors.

 "I felt honored to help run and host this event because I know it's all for a good cause. " said senior April Benitez.

Dedicated students were at school as early as 8 to help prepare the donating atmosphere. This years blood donation had little to no incidents and overall was a success.



Yoel Espinoza,11 donating blood

Rocio Llamas,12 preparing to donate blood

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