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After 13 seasons Grey's Anatomy still satisfies 


By: Melannie Lopez, 

Grey's Anatomy is a very cutting edge Drama show, that's been on for almost 11 years that's a long time if you ask me. What makes the show very interesting is that you don't know what will happen next. in a split second your favorite character could not be safe that's what makes the show intense.


It's not all action they also have romance in the show like Dr. Meredith Grey who is a very important character on the show (played by Ellen Pompeo) and Dr. McDreamy AKA Derek Shepherd who is a very amazing neurosurgeon (played by Patrick Dempsey) find love in a hospital but that kinda love doesn't last forever. I mean come on if you put a lot of good looking doctors on the show don't you expect them to fall in love I do, but enough about the romance my favorite part of the whole show is all the amazing surgeries they get to perform on people and I also quite do enjoy their big medical words, it really inspires me to be a doctor.


Let's talk about some of the drama that goes on in this hospital you have all these good looking doctors who are falling in love, they're bound to break up. The most awkward part is that they have to see each other every day at work. Leaving the viewers to wonder if they're gonna get back together. Mark Sloan a plastic surgeon (played by Eric Dane) and Lexie Grey an intern at first but works her way to be a resident (played by Chyler Leigh) always have an on and off relationship which drives the fans at home mad. If you like the suspense of the doctors fighting against the clock to save their patient I would recommend the show. They must be doing something right or they wouldn't have 13 seasons. For people who love drama, romance, and some suspense Grey's Anatomy is a show worth watching.

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