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“The 100” Review


By: Federico Saavedra, 12


“The 100” is a Sci-fi action-thrilling TV show that is based on repopulating the earth after a nuclear warfare that happened 97 years ago. A spaceship called The Ark is holding the last human civilization and is planning to send teenage juveniles to earth to see if it’s inhabitable. The intense thriller show has finished its 3rd season and is now in commence of its 4th season with so many cliffhangers to be answered. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 88% this show is meant to be noticed with attraction.


The story begins by the commander of The Ark sending 100 teenage juvenile exiles to earth in hopes of saving the human race, but when landing on earth they realize they are not alone. Knowing they are stuck on earth they have to figure out a way to communicate with The Ark to come rescue them but have a tough time doing so. The 100 are forced to build and adapt to the earth’s conditions which is full of radiation but is not hazardous to them. The first enemy they encounter are the grounders who can be described as painted skin, in the shadows, and bad-tempered. The grounders survived the nuclear explosion and do not like people from space because they blame them for the catastrophe of earth. Their second enemy came a while after and they were known as Mount Weather people. This population is stationed underground and are highly equipped with food, technology, and protection. Mount Weather people survived the explosion by getting in an army base and creating a civilization in the base. They couldn't come out from the base because of the extreme radiation that could kill them if they were to come in contact. Things get burdensome within enemies as collusion and allies are made which makes it difficult not to cause mayhem.

These enemies were meant to be a build up to a major threat that would be almost impossible to defeat. The plot slowly begins to unfold as they learn radiation is increasing and will wipe all life on earth unless they figure out an alternative. Overall this show is a form of realistic speculation about possible future events but with a lot more drama and conspiracy/mystery.



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