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Cougars make tracks




By: Damian Hernandez, 11


Week of  8/29/16


BA Cross Country came home with a win on Saturday, September 3rd, in the Dallas Coaches Invitational, at Jessie Owens Stadium.

Senior Gregorio, Longoria came in 1st in the 5K with a time of 17:31. Gregorio has exponentially increased his endurance by dropping his 5K time by over a minute. “There is more to come” said Longoria. Tailing Longoria was junior Hayden Jackson from Hillcrest high school hitting a time of 17:46 in the 5K.


Week of 11/7/16

The BA XC team ran regionals on Saturday, October 29 at Lynn Creek Park in hopes of making it to State for the 5K race. The XC team placed third at district so they advanced to regionals.

The team's goal was to be placed top 10 but it was going to be tough because they went up against the best of the best. With schools like Lucas Lovejoy, Frisco Wakeland, Conrad, Mesquite Poteet, Highland Park, etc.


Senior Christopher Anaya said “It’s all heart and guts. We need to run smart and believe in each other.”


Christopher Anaya is one of the best in the BA XC team running personal records every meet.


Coach Smith gave the XC team a motivational speech he said “Let your heart do the running, don’t worry about them they are worrying about you all. They’re afraid of you don’t be afraid of them.”


The first BA runner was Gregorio Longoria who ran his 5K in 18:48 placing 118. The second runner was Erick Sandoval with a time of 19:04 placing 127. Third was Damian Hernandez running a time of 19:15 placing 134. Forth was Julian Soria running a 19:17 and placing 137. Last of all was Jacob Servin hitting a time of 19:53. So the XC team overall score was 573 which sadly did not place them in top 10

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