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For Loving Sale


By: Brianna Gonzalez, 9


The FLS department started a store this week in room 159. The purpose is to serve as a fundraiser for the group.


They plan to sell chips, snacks, and drinks. They are selling, only to teachers. They are raising money for cooking utensils, field trips, and extra stuff they might need for their class room.


They started this program on February 9, 2017. The cooking utensils will be bought to teach the kids how to cook for themselves. For field trips, they are planning on attending stores, like Sam's, and Walmart.

They want to go to store during school with the students, so they can learn how to use their money wisely and to stay in budget.


The idea was created by Dr.Carter, a teacher from the 18 and up program, here at Bryan Adams. A way to get these snacks is to email Dr. Carter, stating the items you want and a student and a teacher will deliver to the teachers room.


"The store is a great way for the teachers to help support the program and teach the kids how to be independent and learn real life skills" said Mrs.Fischer.



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