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Cougars take the stage




              By: Nicole Rodriguez,11




Four BAnd students attended the Region Clinic(rehersal) and Concert at Duncanville High School.


These students competed against 33 other regions for their spot in these 5 bands. Junior Nicole Rodriguez placed in Honors on Contra Alto Clarinet, Senior Stephanie De La Torre placed in Symphonic 1 on Clarinet, Junior Elizabeth Monzon placed in Concert 1 on Clarinet, And Senior Dilion Lopez also placed in Concert 1 on Trumpet. Honors (first band), Symphonic Band 1(second band), Symphonic 2 (third band), Concert 1 (forth band), Concert 2 (fifth band). These Cougars are dedicated to the band program at BA. 


In each of the five bands the students are selected by three to five judges that judge the musicians' performance. These judges are a part of the Texas Music Education Association (TMEA), an organization that every Texas musical Directior must be a part of. It is the head of every public shool musical program across the state.



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