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Ask Amber




                   By: AMBER





Dear Amber, I have a friend who has been skipping recently, I want to help her but I know she will get mad at me, if I tell her parents about it. Amber what should I do?

-Ms. Loyalty


-Dear Ms.Loyalty

All you can do is tell her parents that she is skipping, she will be angry with you but she will understand that’s not right.


Dear Amber, my students won’t pay attention in class while I’m teaching. Amber what should I do?



-Dear frustrated

You should be more fun, Give them activities or put them in groups, so they could do their work together.



Dear Amber, my dad just told me that I’m not his daughter. I'm adopted so I don’t know if I can keep calling them parents.

-Adopted child


-Dear adopted child

You should keep calling them parents because they raised you and have sacrificed things for your well being.

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