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Check out the new library hours




                 By: Siscely Crayton, 11




Students have eight periods and of course in every class there will be homework, projects and many more assignments. Unfortunately some people do not have the privilege of having wifi at home or owning computer. So schools have opened their library doors to students after learning hours but only for  a limited amount of time, sometimes they don't have time to finish homework and are left with unfinished work.

It has been very tough for students who do not have enough time to finish their work and turn in their assignments in time, they have had to interrupt their learning hours and lunch hours to go into classrooms and work on their assignments for only 30 minutes. Staff have obviously seen the struggle that scholars face in finishing their work in the library after school.


So they have came up with the great idea of extending the hours in the library after school. Now students will have the opportunity of getting a little ahead of themselves and will be able to work on assignments that require a more in depth research.  This opportunity also give students the advantage to learn something new and it also gives them time to relax and do work better. Instead of working without having time for a break and breathe. I think that this really reflects good on the campus because it shows that teachers do care about students and that staff are in full support in giving students more learning time even after the school hours are done. Also it gives a good reputation in both the school as it does on the students.

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