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Jane The Virgin Review




               By: Diana Torres




Jane The Virgin airs for the Cable Network CW. It's a romantic comedy show that first 

started airing on October 13,2014. The show is about Jane Gloriana Villanueva ( played by 

Gina Rodriguez ) who is determined not to repeat her mother's mistakes. However, when she takes a trip to the clinic it turns her life upside down. Jane the virgin consists of 3 seasons with about 22 episodes in each season. However, as of now the third season  is not completed yet. The other half of the season will come out January 23, 2017.



Jane Gloriana Villanueva ( Gina Rodriguez ) is a hard-working, religious young Latina who is studying to be a teacher, and is engaged to a detective named Michael Cordero ( played by Brett Dier ) who supports her decisions. However, when Jane visits the clinic she gets accidentally inseminated. Jane then realizes that the sperm donor was from her boss Rafael Solano ( played by Justin Baldoni ) and it puts her into a dilema. She then starts facing a lot

of complicated  decisions regarding the future. 



What I like about Jane The Virgin is that it isn't only about romance but it's also mysterious because many things happen that makes one want to know more. The characters on the show act really good and are very dramatic. Some of the main characters on the show are Jane Gloriana Villanuev ( played by Gina Rodriguez ) , Jane's mother Xiomara Villanueva ( played by Andrea Navedo ) , her grandmother Alba Villanueva ( played by Ivonne Coll ) , her father Rogelio De La Vega ( played by Jaime Camil ), her fiancee Michael Cordero ( played by Brett Dier ) , her boss Rafael Solano ( played by Justin Baldoni ), and her rival in a way Petra Solano ( played by Yael Grobglas ). If your're looking for a dramatic, romantic and mysterious show , then I totally recommend this show!



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