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Art Club

Homemade is better than store bought.


By: Lenicia Palomino, 10


The Art Club made their own tie-dye shirts for the Homecoming Parade rather than buying a shirt.


Art Club is a fun organization that meets every Thursday. It helps students reach their creative side and allows them to become more social by working with others and creating something they are proud of.


It is fun to play a sport or be in a different club and get a shirt to represent what you do, but i think it`s better if you actually take part in the making of the shirt and get to show off something you made. Art Club helps you do that, not only do you get to create projects you like, they also get the chance to be on display in the BA hallways.

To represent the club we made shirts with tie dye and spray paint. The first thing we did was soak plain white cotton t-shirts in a salt water solution for 30 minutes, then picked a variety of colors we wanted our shirts to be and dyed them. Then we made a stencil of the font we wanted to use and cut it out, tape it to the shirt, and spray the stencil onto the shirt with black spray paint.


Having the opportunity to be in such a nice and welcoming club has been great so far and i can`t wait to see what else the organization has in store for the rest of the year. this project was just for the Homecoming Parade, so to see what comes next in the agenda is going to be fun to create and showcase.

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