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Day dream believer




                  By: Tannia Chavez,12 



Lucid dreams are the most interesting. If you are unfamiliar with these types of dreams, I will share some of my knowledge and personal experiences I’ve had in the past.


Lucid dreaming occurs when you "wake up" from dreaming. I know this might sound confusing but in this state, your body is asleep while your mind is awake. 


You're able to control your dream such as the things around you, the place where you are at and even what you wish to do. Most people report seeing some sort of dark shadowy figure in their dream with an evil vibe to it. If this occurs on the first time you experience lucid dreaming, you might panic and cause your dream to be paranormal instead of peaceful, while others who are experienced are used to this "dark figure" and know how to control their dream.


Now, a while back around 3 in the morning I was up scrolling through my phone, I remember being very tired and sleepy but I refused to let myself fall asleep. Suddenly I felt a heavy weight on me (keep in mind I was laying on my back as I was on my phone) it felt as if I was sinking down into my bed, at this point I saw my room door open and felt a presence run fast past behind me, the weird and scary part was that although I did not see it with my eyes, I somehow knew it was a tall dark figure. I then felt someone grab my arm and pull it up as if they were trying to take me with them.


This is where it gets even scarier, I felt myself get out of my own body if that makes any sense and I started doing things in my dream that are not human-like such as flying around my room. I know it sounds crazy but I could see myself in bed and I was in the same position- laying on my back as I was on my phone. At this point of my dream, I realized and thought to myself "wait... this isnt really happening I’m in a dream." I tried to wake up but I couldn’t, I tried to scream but nothing came out and I also couldn’t move. I panicked in my dream so I forced myself to wake up which I remember it took a lot of energy to (all of this felt incredibly real.) When I finally woke up, I freaked out to the fact that my arm was up with my phone on my hand as it was in my "dream" when I had felt someone lift it up. My body felt weak for some odd reason.
After this experience I got really into this idea of lucid dreaming, it caught my attention so I started doing research on it, I found out many things and sparingly I learned that there is a way you can practice it on your own to make your self-lucid dream and the reason behind how it works.



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