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Bryan Adams vs. Woodrow Wilson



By: Jade Bolte,10


Bryan Adams and Woodrow Wilson went head to head in a football game this Thursday on October 20th. The game was at Franklin field. The rivalry between the two East Dallas schools has been going on for as long as the footballs teams have been playing each other. Woodrow defeated BA this year with a score of 41-8. Ouch.


Annually, the two teams battle for the Lady of the Lake trophy.

The opposing teams have been in competition since their first game against each other in 1958.


Woodrow, built in 1928, was around 30 years older than BA. Upon being introduced, there was already a negative connotation. Being in the same general area of Dallas but different neighborhoods started tension between the two schools.Some alumni of the schools during the ‘50s 60’s and 70’s recall students of both Woodrow and BA spending their leisurely time in the same spots -Casa Linda, Lakewood, White Rock. This caused animosity between the competitive territorial teens.


“The places where students hang out has changed, but the rivalry between the schools is still very much alive,” Kyle Rains, a Woodrow graduate of ‘76 said.


Times have changed and so have teens perspectives. Some current students of the schools believe the rivalry is significant to the culture of the school, while others believe that it is pointless and unnecessary.


“It is something that holds both schools at their brightest, and keeps individuals full of academic and athletic potential,” said Bryan Adams student Christian Davis, “A rivalry between these two schools brings about the absolute best in both schools.”


Some people have different ways of seeing it.


“Our schools are in the same neighborhood, we should be joining together,” said Bryan Adams student Cindy Sloan.


Whichever side you are on, everyone in the old east Dallas area can agree that the rivalry between BA and Woodrow is alive and well.

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