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A visit from the Navy





                 By: Siscely Crayton, 11




Selected students who were interested in attending the U.S Naval Academy from the JROTC program gathered in the auditorium on November 10, 2016 for the Academy's presentation. 

They provided students with information of the Naval Academy in a PowerPoint that was no longer than an hour and thirty minutes followed by interested students asking them questions. This presentation encouraged students to be more involved and expand their horizons which resulted in students actually signing up for the U.S Naval Academy information board! The Academy life is obviously more structured and stricter than at a civilian college, especially as a Plebe.


As you get older  at the Naval Academy you get more privileges  along with more responsibility, such as leadership positions within your company. The student who currently attends the Naval Academy was a bit nervous  he later opened up when responding to the interests of the students here at BA.


To officially adapt to these new surroundings newly entered plebes are required to engage themselves in the Academy's activities which range from sports to organizations such as Beta Kappa Nu which is a student honor society. Summer training programs are also a requirement for all incoming freshman. This program last approximately 6 weeks and consists of rigorous physical and mental training. The purpose of these plebiscite summer training according to the academy is to “turn civilians into midshipmen. Once entering the Naval Academy students, men and women are called midshipmen. A midshipmen first class is a senior or ”firstie."


The student body is the Brigade of midshipmen or simply “the brigade”. The naval service which is often called the fleet is divided into six battalions. Five companies make up each battalion, making a total of 30 companies. The acceptance rate at United States Naval Academy is 6%. For every 100 applicants, only 6 are admitted. This school is extremely selective, which means getting a high SAT/ACT score and GPA is vital to having a chance at getting in. If you don't pass their SAT/ACT and GPA requirements, they'll likely reject you without much consideration.


The Navy pays 100% of the tuition, room and board, medical and dental care costs of Naval Academy midshipmen. This means ALL students who attend the Naval Academy do so on a full scholarship in return for 5 years of active duty service upon graduation. All graduates receive a bachelor's of science degree and are commissioned as officers in the Navy or Marine Corps. Additionally, you also enjoy regular active-duty benefits including access to military commissaries and exchanges, commercial transportation and lodging discounts and the ability to fly space-available in military aircraft around the world. Midshipmen pay is $1027.20 monthly. The school's graduation rate is 88.9% which gives the school it's self the highest ranking in the country.

Make no mistake: the four years at Annapolis are very challenging, tightly structured, and designed to push you well beyond your perceived limits.

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