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Girls Soccer


By: Odalis Bernabe, 12


Cougars v. Seagoville 

Girls’ Varsity team had an outstanding game against Seagoville. Whom they won against by 7-1 on Tuesday February 21, 2017 at Seagoville.

Which in all thanks to Jade Zamora and Esperanza for making the shots in the net.


The Lady Cougars performance was an improvement from the last game they played against the Lady Dragons. The Cougars had an off game and were beaten by the heat of the weather and letting Seagoville get into their heads. But towards the end of the game the varsity girls’ soccer team started to step up their game and play like they know how. Which lead them to taking the win home with them by the score of 4-2.    


For the next games to come Coach Callahan had a few words to say to her team about how the score board should be one of are encouragements to want to want to win badly that will take us to play-offs.


"Seniors don't forget the next game against Woodrow Wilson is senior night at Pleasant Grove", said, Coach Callahan.


Cougars v. Woodrow

Girls Soccer team had their last home game. A senior night which the team wore all white in honor of the seniors. The lady cougars went against their rivals Woodrow Wilson. That took place at Pleasant Grove on Feb 28, 2017.

The Girl Soccer team had beaten the lady wildcats twice in a row this season by the total of 8 to 1. In the past years the girls’ soccer has not beaten Woodrow twice in a row before, which makes the game even more exciting.


The first game against Woodrow and BA, Cougars won 3 to 1 and the second game against Woodrow was 5 to 0. Which still leaves the girls’ soccer team in second places in district behind Molina.


And for the last two games the Cougars will be going against North Dallas and Sunset. Which will be the debate on the Cougars in these two last games to be able to go to playoffs.









BA v Sunset



The Bryan Adams girls soccer team went against Sunset and tied them 3-3. On Tuesday March 7, 2017 at Kincadie Field.  The varsity girls soccer team needed a win against Sunset to be certain that they will be staying in 2nd place in district of 11-5A.


But a huge shout out to Esperanza, Jade and Ashely for the goals against Sunset. 


Now that the Lady Cougars girls soccer team only has one game left against North Dallas. Coach Callahan told the team a few words for next game. 


"We need to win next game for sure to take home 2nd place and hopefully make it to the playoffs




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