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Join the Bad Girls Club


By: Evelyn Rodriguez, 11



Bad Girls Club is a reality show that airs on Oxygen Network every Tuesday at 7pm. 


It first started airing in December of 2006. Women 21 and older send in casting videos to the producers where they have their friends and family describe them and their upbringing. The producers then choose 7 so called "bad girls" and puts them together to live in a beautiful pink mansion for about 8 weeks. These ladies have a variety of issues and claim they want to change. 


The show is very well known for all the drama and fighting that happens. Having 7 girls with strong personalities living under the same roof is bound to stir up some drama. Inevitably fists end up flying. If the fight is bad enough one and or both of the girls have to go home. If someone goes home of course thyey get a new girl. In every season there is some girls who you root for and some that you are just like why did they even pick you. 


Bad Girls Club season 16 is the most current, so far 3 girls have already gone home. Brynesha, Adryan, Zee, and Kaila aka Winter are the only girls who have been there since the first day. Stephanie is a replacement for Tabitha, who got into numerous altercations with Kailie and got sent home for bulling.


On Tuesday 11/1/2016 we finally got a replacement for Sway, who is from Dallas so of course you know I was rooting for her to stay but unfortunately she had to go home for biting through Winter's finger during an altercation. Sway's replacement is Kandyce aka Kandy. We are still waiting on Kailie's replacement. Kailie went home by force of Adryan, Winter and Bynesha because they felt she wasn't bad enough and didn't deserve to be there. She wasn't as outspoken as the others. She was seen as what you consider a boring pushover in the bad girls club. It was really intense and I'm ready for next weeks episode! If you enjoy watching a drama packed show Bad Girls Club is just for you.

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