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Hillary Clinton wins BA mock election

By: MARCUS HALLBA JournalismAdvisor



Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defeated her Republican rival Donald Trump with a two to one margin in the US Presidential mock election held in the cafeteria on Thursday November 3. The nation-wide official election will be held Tuesday, November 8.


The election was conducted by the Journalism Department. The ballots contained the names of the two major candidates as well as Jill Stein of the Green party who received 3% and the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who accumulated 9%.

Hillary Clinton was the overwhelming choice among the BA electorate as she garnered 54% of all votes cast. Trump was able to pull in 27%. About 10% of the student body participated on the election.


Many students were disinterested in the race and wouldn’t vote unless ballots were delivered to them as they are lunch. Others, especially underclassmen, did not take the process seriously or treated it as a joke. Some students did not participate because they believed they had to be 18 years old. For the most part, though, apathy reigned.

About 7% of the votes cast were either illegible or what could only be considered joke votes.


There were no real surprises in the outcome of the election. Although BA is in a strong safe Republican Congressional district the urban east Dallas section of the district traditionally votes Democratic. Further Trump’s incendiary statements have caused a reactive response in the primarily Hispanic BA electorate.

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