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The Walking Dead

7th Season for this Hit Show


By: Vincent Nigo,11


The Walking Dead is a major hit TV show on AMC. The show follows a group of survivors after a zombie apocalypse hits the world. The show is based on a comic book created by Robert Kirkman who also made other comics. The show aired its first episode on October 31st, 2010. The mains story of the show is to survive and to kill or be killed, and to fight the dead and fear the living.


The main protagonist, Rick Grimes, played by the British actor Andrew Lincoln. When the show first starts Grimes is chasing some criminals and is shot during a shootout and falls into a comma. As he awakes he finds that the hospital is deserted, as he walks he finds a dead body on the ground torn open with the guts of the corpse missing. He finds a door with the iconic phrase “Don't Open Dead Inside”. After a few seconds of looking at the door, it is pushed open by the walkers but is stopped by a piece of wood and a chain.


As the show goes on a few seasons the group lead by Grimes is faced with the governor, the residents of woodbury and they have to fight there way to rescue their members that were taken from them. Lately the group has faced a force greater than they have before know as “The Saviors” lead by Megan played by  Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Megan is a ruthless killer who kills with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat named Lucille. At the season finale of season 6 Megan is preparing to kill one of the members. Most think it will be Glen because of the comics, but that would be too obvious. Personally i would want to see Eugene face the angel of death.


As for the set of the show one of the best in my opinion is Hershel’s farm. To me this showed a different perspective after the zombie apocalypse, located in Senoia, Georgia. The set was fairly small with a good size house with at least 4-5 rooms, there was also a small barn in the back that was off limits to the group that was used to hold walkers. As for the acting it is good for this type of show is not to over dramatic or to cheesy


The Season 7 premiere will be this Sunday October 23rd.



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