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Of Mice and Men


By: Stephanie Herrera


Of Mice and Men is a book written by John Steinbeck and published in 1937. This book is a story of friendship between two men, George Milton and Lennie Small. These two men depend on each other to be safe and do well. The book expresses the tragedy of life regardless of the many situations both have been through. It gives the readers the point of view of George and Lennie who are trying to hold on to their dreams of getting their own ranch and living independently.  


Lennie is a main character that is usually being commanded by George and is stuck to the idea that he will have a great future wit together in a ranch with many animals. Lennie is a man of tremendous size but has the mind of a child and is powerless compared to George. George is sort of a guardian to Lennie because he watches over him and tries to keep him out of trouble. Even though George bosses him around he can’t always be there for him to look after his every move.


George often explains the idea that someday they would have a ranch together and Lennie is obsessed with the idea of "tending" the rabbits at the ranch.  George made up the story so he could keep Lennie out of trouble. Lennie tries hard to try to not mess up anything so he could have the rabbits all to himself.


When Lennie starts to make mistakes he will do anything so that George will not find out. Even to the point of killing someone to cover up evidence.

Of Mice and Men shows the potential of the power that a true bond between two very close friends can have.

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