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"Its a true love story"


By: Stephanie Herrera, 9


"Waiting" is a book by Carol Lynch Williams, it was published in July
of 2012. This bookn is about a girl named London Castle and her life
changed after her brother Zach committed suicide.

London was Zach's younger sister. Many students at her school heard
rumors that London was there at her house when Zach was committing
suicide and that she did not help him hard enough. So when her
classmates found that out they stopped talking to her because they
thought that if they brought it up that she would get really mad,and
they didnt want to upset her.

Taylor, was Zach's best friend and also London boyfriend,and he helps
London get through everything she is going through. Throughout the
story London would usually ask Taylor for help or advice on what she
should do . When she was with Taylor she was different almost like as
if she would think that Taylor was her brother ,in a way she felt "at

She later then meets a guy named Jesse and his sister Lili, she
becomes her best friend and also tries to help London get through the
grief she was having so then London could be happy and move past the
situation and be happy again.

The author sets up a conflict through out the story which is: London
choosing between Taylor and Jesse. She feels that if she has a
boyfriend then she will have somebody to " support her and help her'
through her situations.

London herself is mostly affected by the way her mother is acting
after the death of Zach. Her mother ignores her and gives her the
silent treatment for a very long time. Also , her father was although
" there to support her" he later on starts to slowly stop talking to
her and also he did it as a way to show show his grief. So, London
felt "neglected" by her own parents life instead of all of them
dealing with the grief and sorrow together and supporting each other.

The main message of the story is on how to deal with a situation like
"suicide" and how instead of isolating yourself from other and the
situation, that it is better to get help from others. Another main
idea, is to not overwhelm yourself or keep things that are really
affecting you to yourself because it can turn in to very difficult

So, Carol Lynch Williams really captured the emotions of the
characters and how each of them were very vulnerable after the death
Zach. And by vividly explaining the emotions it shows how it effects
everyone around you and how you should not take your life because it
will affect everyone that was once around you.

I recommend this book because it is based on a message that is very
important and that could be common within many teenagers and it should
be dealt with.



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