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Refreshing the memory


By: Aurora Alvarez, 11


As we all are heading in towards the end of the year, most of the students are preparing and even taking end of course exams already. For example the U.S. History EOC is coming up soon in the beginning of May, for junior students.


Saturday school helps students to refresh their memories, and have things stick to them that didn't stick before. Student, also get the opportunity to gain extra credit and change one of their bad grades into a good one. The teachers who are coming to teach are Sergeant. Weigandt, Ms. Frymyre, M. Azevedo and Mr. Patterson.

If it wasn’t for this type of tutoring, students probably wouldn’t be able to get half the correct answers as they would if they got some type of help with refreshing and enhancing their memory.

“It's good, it helps us prepare”, said,  junior Areli Gutierrez.



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