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Living with Braces 


By: Samantha Arakachi, 12


Braces always have their pros and cons. Braces are used to help hold together your braces, straighten crowded teeth, or for over or under jaw lines. There is always constant dramatic people complaining about the pain and how it's the end of the world wearing them. However, for me personally, it isn't as bad as people made it out to be. 


Before I had braces, I was so insecure. Every time I laughed, I would hide it with my hand. People constantly had something to say about them which didn't help at all. For me, it was more discomfort than pain. I remember begging my mom for braces, but she's a single mom and didn't have enough money to get me some when I wanted them. However, on June 1st 2015, my life became something new. I finally started my braces journey. 


After the whole 30 minute process was complete, I remember walking out the dentist office and the feeling of metal on my lips was awkward. I would eat and I was paranoid about my brackets being knocked off by the food. Flossing was a struggle because now I had to go around the wires instead of going straight it. There is also a specific way of brushing them, they told me that I literally had to brush every single corner of the brackets and around my teeth. 


The food. Oh my goodness, the food really does get everywhere around your teeth and it's embarrassing to hear someone tell me that I have something dangling in my teeth. It's helpful to carry a mirror with me at all time though to save me from the red face that occurs. I used to carry some small toothpicks, but I'm lazy and just got tired of bringing them all the time. Also, when the orthodontics gave me 24 hours elastics, it also became frustrating because I have to take them off before I brush or eat and immediately put them back on afterwards. I would just not put them off, but there is a chance that the process of your braces can take longer than the expected end time. 


Even after all of those complicated things about braces, I couldn't be more grateful and in love with them. They honestly have changed my personality and basically my whole being. I'm less timid, I am a little shy, but wearing these braces just made me more open to new people instead of hiding away from everyone. It's made me feel way better about myself and everyone that's known me before the braces could tell you. I can now take pictures with an actual smile. I wish I had a picture of my teeth before, but I was obviously hating myself and never took pictures with my old teeth. 


Overall, I love my "metal mouth" and I wouldn't change anything about the experience. There were at times when I just wanted to take them off for 5 simple minutes, but I knew that the outcome would just be the best. I thank my mom for this, she did the best for me and it's the greatest gift I'll ever receive. 



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