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Split opinions


By: Lenicia Palomino, 10


The movie "Split" came out in March of 2017. It became a big thing and was talked about a lot throughout BA. People hyped it up so much i had to see what all the raving was about so i watched it and i was honestly amazed at how good the movie actually turned out to be.


"Split" is about a man, about 30 or so years old, named Kevin with 23 different personalities who kidnaps three young teens and keeps them locked away in an abandoned building to torture and molest. The three young teens discovered that if they don’t find a way out soon, then a much stronger and aggressive 24th personality will develop and hurt them all. However, not all of Kevin’s personalities are bad, for example one of his personalities who goes by the name "Hedwig" and is a nine year old child who usually comes out at night, tried to have conversations with the girls and was completely harmless. Hedwig talked to one of the kidnapped more than the other two and started to trust her enough to take her out of the room she was stuck in to give her a so called tour of the place they were in, but the girl then saw that as an opportunity to make a clean get away and ended up just making things worse for her and her friends.


This movie is one of my top 10 movies that I would recommend to people. It will constantly catch the viewer’s eye without being too overpowering and keep you guessing on what might happen next. This movie has nearly every emotion you can feel, anywhere from being happy to frightened, excited to being suspenseful, you will feel it all. Not many movies have the ability to make you feel more than two emotions but "Split" has everything. Since viewing it for the first time I have watched it about 3 more times. .



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