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Privilege at a Cost


By: Michaela Chriss, 11


Have BA students proven they are capable of leaving campus during lunch?


Many students at BA feel that they are not compensated for abiding by all of the leadership academy’s rules, and that they only want “simple” privileges.  One of many includes leaving campus for lunch. As simple as the request might sound, here are three cons that come with the proposal-


  • Will students even come back after they retrieve their food?

Many BA students are known for sneaking off and getting food during lunch. Many of the students have ended up leaving campus and never returning. So if leaving was allowed, who’s to say that even more students will continue the trend of not returning back to the campus.


  • Will students act in a careless manner that could result in altercations with others and car wrecks?

During 2015-2016 school year, a group of students who left campus during lunch were involved in a dangerous car crash that could have been fatal to all of them whereas if students are just restricted from leaving like they are now, these events are sure to happen a few times or not at all.


  • Who would take responsibility for the students if anything were to happen to them?

Would it be the school, parents, suspect, or students fault if anything dangerous were to happen to them? All four of those parties would point the finger at each other not knowing who to blame if something awful happened to the young adult(s). By BA ensuring that students stay on campus, it would eliminate this major issue.

While students feel that they are responsible enough to take care of themselves while leaving campus, there are so many factors that make the request obsolete and undebatable. If don't agree with food items that are provided for them they could make their own lunch, or simply have a parent bring it for them. Not only should independence be important to students, but their own safety should be on the same threshold as well.



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