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Target Acquired


By: Elias Carcamo, 11


The JROTC Varsity Marksmanship team competed against North Dallas High School, on December 14th. Marksmanship is a person who is skilled in shooting at a mark/targets. It takes countless hours of practice, dedication, and sweat.


There is a minimum score limit for three shooting positions which are standing, kneeling, and prone. The standing position is shooting while standing. The kneeling position is when the shooter has his dominant leg on a cushioned pad on the ankle and has his/her other knee at right angle so that his /her arm can rest upon the knee. The prone position is shooting while laying down.


“ During the competition, my foot went numb a few times” said Vincent Nigo.


SFC Guzman with Lieutenant Colonel and his marksmanship team


were anxious in the intense atmosphere. This competition determined their spots in districts. The results of the district competition isn’t determined until December 26th.


“I felt very confident that we beat North Dallas before the competition even started.” said Raul Mendez, 12

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