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New looking skin


               By: Tania Chavez, 12




When I first heard about this mask I doubted that it really did what it claimed to do just like all the other masks we spend our money on and never seem to work. I kept seeing people talk about this clay mask all over social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and even from the most popular MUA's (make-up artists) on YouTube. So I decided to give it a try after all the hype and to my surprise I saw a difference on my skin after using it JUST a few times.


Although I don’t have acne problems, this mask left my skin extremely soft and glowy right after using it, also leaving my skin feeling fresh.

I’ve now been using this mask for a while, during this period of time I’d randomly get small bumps here and there so I would apply this product on the area and it would be completely gone the next morning, I also love how it doesn’t over dry my skin.


Their site claims that it is "strong enough to pull out impurities but gentle enough to moisturize and provide a glow" and it is true- this mask works wonders, I have kept my skin even clearer with mask. Not to mention, this is also a great product to use after removing your make-up at night since it deeply cleans your skin and helps unclog pores. After all, we all love clear skin, right?



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