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Dallas Holocaust Museum


 By: Alexandra Chheng, 11


On Thursday, October 6th, the Bryan Adams’ Academic Decathlon team of 28 members took a trip downtown to the Dallas Holocaust Museum.


Bert Romberg, one of the few Holocaust survivors, shared his story to the AcDec team and two other schools at the museum. Bert was born in Germany in 1930. He was liberated when he was about 9 years old to London in 1939 by the Kindertransport, a rescue effort organized to bring refugee Jewish children from Nazi Germany.


Throughout his presentation, Romberg emphasized that the true meaning of a refugee is simply someone seeking shelter to escape danger or persecution and  they shouldn’t be ignored or history will inevitably repeat itself.


“Refugees and immigrants deserve a chance, a chance for a better life. I was one and I made an impact on America,” said Romberg.  


His story brought some of the audience to tears. The room was so silent with the exception of a few sniffles here and there and of course Romberg speaking.


Students also got to take a look around the rest of the museum. Images of the Holocaust were hung up on walls and artifacts were displayed in a glass case. Every section of the museum is audio-based so we were each given a phone like device with an appearance very similar to that of a remote control, that you hold up to your ear to listen.  Every image had a number at the corner and once you punch in that number into the device, it tells you the history behind that image.



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