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Budget Ed

students need to possess financial literacy


By: Michaela Chriss, 11


Learning about Cytoplasms, studying the American Revolution, and solving Linear Equations are all wise pieces of information that are great to have knowledge on, but will they support your intellect when you attempt to buy your first home, or benefit you when it's time for you to do your taxes the “correct” way?


DISD schools must teach their students how to manage money and strategically fend for themselves because no matter how successful they become, everything they will ever own can disappear before their eyes if they don't know how to invest in themselves and keep their finances  thriving. DISD Schools tend to focus solely on teaching students how to pass standardized tests then they ship students off to the next grade level hoping they “learned something” throughout the entire robotic process. If students are continuously and involuntarily taught that they should only know how many presidents and elements there are without knowing how to pay bills, how can we ever expect them to become successful and bring economic security to our next generation?


Bryan Adams Counselor, Mrs. Givens, feels that Financial Literacy courses/ MOT should absolutely be in schools because they can “help students manage their financial aid money so they won't run through it, and should teach  how to manage credit cards”.


 "They should be required just as any health, or gym course because students MUST know how to be responsible with their money for adulthood situations"


The lack of Financial Literacy has damaged our economy.


“ Young people perform according to how they are taught and a lack of knowledge about financial security has caused them to only be able to learn from their mistakes.” said Ms. Givens


Her last remarks  were that if she could ever be in a position to propose a course, She would advise Financial Literacy to be a REQUIRED course.


"If the children are really our future, then why aren't we preparing them for it?"

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