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Technology at our fingertips 



By:Alexandra Chheng, 11


The development of technology in this modern day has made a huge impact on the learning environment. Instead of using heavy textbooks to teach, many teachers are now choosing to run their classes partially online.


There are many benefits of taking education to the virtual world. Websites, such as Edmodo and Google Classroom, display assignments through the computer screen, where students can submit their homework and teachers can post announcements. Therefore not having to waste millions of copies of paper daily, leaving less of a carbon footprint on the environment. Also no longer forgetting or delaying assignments due to scanners, printers, and/or copier being down.


Not only is it much easier on the teachers to grade work electronically, it also effectively reminds students to turn in assignments on time since they can keep track of the due dates online. No more having to wait days, or even weeks to meet with a teacher after class, or for our progress reports to drop in. We can just access them on Grade speed and see our current grades which makes it easier to correct possible mistakes before they become permanent.


It also drives students to talk to their teachers if they see that they’re failing, falling behind or struggling in a specific area. We are very fortunate to live in an age where we have both technology and knowledge at our fingertips.

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