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             By: Samantha Arakachi



Kylie Jenner has released her own makeup line earlier this year. Her makeup line includes liquid lipsticks, eye shadows, lip glosses, metal lipsticks, and eye brushes. The product that I will be focusing on today is her most popular Lipkits. The kits include a 0.11 fl oz. liquid lipstick and a matching 0.3 oz lip liner. The Lipkits cost $29, but they can be bought individually for $17 and the lip liner can be bought for $14.


When you receive the package, the items come in a black box. As you open the box, you see Kylie's name marked on the lid inside the box. The products are wrapped in a white-squishy foam to protect the glass liquid lipstick bottle. When you remove the foam protector, you can see a black card with a big picture of Kylie's own lips with white liquid dripping from it. I liked that fact that it was her own lips, to me, that seemed as if she is loving herself even after all of the drama about her lip fillers. On the other side of the card is a note written in white that is basically saying "Thank you for your support" from Kylie herself. That was a really important part of the card because being thankful to those who helped build your company says a lot about them as a person.


Finally, you see the actual lipkit. The packaging for the lipkit was very unique and different from other lipstick brands. It was a white box with dripping liquid lining around the container that was the color of the actual liquid lipstick. On the center of the box, it has the lips again with the dripping liquid that also matched the color of the lipstick.The lip liner is similar to the lipstick as well, it's just thinner and smaller. The smell of the liquid lipstick has a very strong vanilla cupcake scent that lingers on your lips. I didn't like that because the smell can get annoying and sometimes I can actually taste it. The feeling of the lipstick on the lips was actually pretty good. It didn't feel drying or heavy at all. It was a smooth application and the pigmentation was 100% there. The lipliner was creamy and soft and also had good pigmentation, which is hard to find because most are dry and pull on the lips. 


After wearing it for a whole school day with about 2 re-applications of the lipstick, I'd say the quality of it was surprisingly good. It was obvious that she took time to give the customers good products and not just throwing stuff together, slapping her name on it and selling it. I would definitely recommend to my friends or any other girl at Bryan Adams because there are plenty of them who wear makeup. I'm sure they have heard of Kylie herself and wouldn't mind checking out her makeup brand.

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