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Protest at BA



              By: Samantha Arakachi, 12




Lately, there have been many anti-immigration protect going all around the country after Trumps travel ban on 7 foreign countries. People have marched against him and his actions with posters and chants such as "Immigrants make America great!" Many different cultures, genders, religions, and age groups have joined this protest to spread their love for what they believe and stand for. 


This protest has spread to schools all over Dallas, including our school BA. On Friday, February 12, students had been spreading pictures all over social media about an upcoming protest that would be occurring after their advisory. However, the news about this unorganized march spread quickly to administrators and encouraged students to do the right thing and follow the leadership academy expectations. 


Unfortunately, students ignored the advice given to them and still went on with their plan. It seemed as if they were actually trying to follow their heart to be able to stand up for what they believed and lived for. It made me happy to think they were trying to make a difference. Sadly, as the students were outside doing their thing, they kept chanting really immature and ignorant words such as "EFF DONALD TRUMP," it seemed very unprofessional and was embarrassing to think that they thought that it was a good thing to say. 


They even took it as far as to bring trucks out and start racing down the streets and screeching their tires against the cement on the floors. They played loud music, climbed trees, and I'm sure most just went to the protest just to be able to skip class. They forgot the whole point of a peaceful protest. They weren't supposed to be selfish, they were supposed to stand up for themselves with pride, not with ignorance. Cops came rushing down, helicopters flying, and administrators ensuring no one would take it too far. 


Overall, this protest was very childish, embarrassing, and unorganized. They forgot the whole meaning of what an actual protest is. They took this important topic of anti-immigration and turned it around into a meaningless march. I really hope these students will grow up and learn how to get the job done the right way. 



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