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BA Pride

Let’s Support our Teams





                 By: Nicole Rodriguez,11




As students at BA we should have pride in everything happening at the school but we don’t necessarily do that all the time. School pride is the most important thing we can have. As Cougars we don’t realize how important it is to have an audience when the teams are competing or performing to boost our confidence.


On Friday August 26th the BA Varsity football team lost 52-0 against Little Elm Lobos. There may be many reasons for the loss; the opposition was better or more experienced, our team wasn’t ready or lacked confidence or it may be there was no support for the team from the student body. I understand that the distance was a problem for many to attend. But still it’s important to support and encourage our teams.


The team got blown out big time because there was no school pride from anyone to boost the spirits of the players on the field.


On Saturday, August 27th I was with my family going to eat and went to Humperdinck’s Restaurant & Brewpub. Humperdinck’s has so much spirit; there are SMU logos, Dallas Cowboys, and even the 7 Major Dallas schools in the district on banners on the roof of the dining area. Our school is one of them. When I walked in, as we were being seated I was astonished to see that this restaurant that I had never even heard of is full of DISD items. My dad pointed out to me the Bryan Adams High School Cougars banner and as I was looking at it, I thought to myself “There are actually people that support/acknowledge BA?”


Manger Darian Harris told me that Humperdinck’s was founded in 1976. It is a very well-known place; so many people have seen those banners.  He also said the banners had been put up since the 1980’s. Knowing that a restaurant that isn’t exactly close to the school is supporting us students at BA to the public is astonishing.

By letting BA know that others support us, maybe it is time that the students of BA have some pride for ourselves.


On September 2nd, even though we lost the difference on the field was that our BA football players were asking for our support from the stands. They were more enthusiastic, during the football game.  



Humperdink's showing BA Pride.

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