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Shin Godzilla 

The classical Japanese monster movie is rebooted.


By: Ricardo De La Cruz, 12


On Wednesday October 12th, I went to the Angelika Film Theater to watch Shin Godzilla (in English, translates to Godzilla Resurgence) a Japanese movie with English subtitles. 


 This movie was a limited theatrical event from October 11th-18th and I must say the movie was sensational. It's a reboot to the old classical film produced by Toho Scope films, along with the minds of Funimation Films, and directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. The music is composed by Akira Ifukube and Shiro Sagisu. They did a really great job on the score of the movie, using the exact same songs from the original movie.


In the box office, it has made 74.5 million USD and received a rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, better than Godzilla (2014). My thoughts on this movie was pretty great, the acting was spot on and the shots in the movie were great. It really met my expectations and gave a great plot with great characters/actors.


"It goes into more detail about how Godzilla was created, how to stop Godzilla, and more detail to the destruction," says my brother, and agrees with being "a great remake of the original movie." 


It's the best movie that gives the classical monster we all know and love enough screen-time with modern problematic moments. Some say the movie was the dark metaphorical message connecting to the atomic bombings on Japan in World War II, and pokes around and jokes on the action of how the bureaucracy in Japan works.


Overall, the experience was great and I recommend this movie to whoever is a big fan of monster movies or to someone who hasn't seen Godzilla in action. 


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