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Four minutes – not enough between classes




                 By: Federico Saavedra,12



Passing periods can be a handful and it’s even tougher when you only have four minutes. BA is a large school with 2,000 students that has a footprint that stretches a city block between Lingo Lane and Peavy Road. If a student has a class in the portables they will have a hard time being on time if their next class is in the math hallway.


I believe BA students should get five minutes for passing between classes because it reduces student stress and it will decrease the amount of tardies given. The number of student ISS assignments will be reduced accordingly. The halls are packed and sometimes students need to go to the restroom as well.


I often see students sprint to class and run into other students just to prevent a tardy. This could cause injury if there is a collision between Cougars running wild. The busiest intersection is near the cafeteria and Cougar Den. This area is a real time killer with all the students going in different directions and running into each other. Sometimes we can barely move and have to squeeze our way out to try to get to class on time.

Athough Mr. Kastl suggests we use the courtyard during passing periods many don't bother because either the hall monitors are standing at the door or the weather is not agreeable. Also kids tend to follow the crowd like a herd of cattle.


Adding an extra minute to the passing period would also allow us to spend some time visiting with our friends and catching up on the latest gossip. After all we can’t be expected to wait until lunch to socialize! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and who knows maybe it will make him a better student.




By: Federico Saavedra

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