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4 Your Eyez Only Review


By: Jade Bolte,10


J Cole is an artist that has made many successful albums. Most recently, he released 4 Your Eyez Only, and story based on the struggles of a close friend. Jermaine sings about the ups and downs of life, falling in love, and ties with narcotics.


Starting off with For Whom the Bell Tolls, the introduction to the story is set. Cole uses imagery throughout the album to induce feeling in the listener. This track shows the beginning mindset of the person he is singing about being a melancholy one.


In Immortal Cole brings up the issue of friends and family members dying and the impact of loss. He mentions addiction and drug abuse. The inner conflict of wanting to be remembered and making a mark on the world is touched on.


A love interest is introduced in Deja vu as he sees a girl who already has a boyfriend. He immediately takes interest and plans to get her for himself. He states to have bigger dreams than other guys in the small town.


Vile Mentality talks about the toxicity of the lifestyle he is living. From dating multiple women, selling drugs, and running from the cops. The track is interrupted in the middle by a young girl talking about her deceased father, who the album is believed to be based on. Cole talks about hiding his emotions and true self from people to maintain his reputation.


Jermaine shared the experience of falling in love in She’s Mine, Pt. 1. This track could be seen as the climax or turning point of the story. In this pivotal point, he explains the character development of his friend changing his ways for the girl previously mentioned in Deja vu.


An upbeat Change occurs in the sixth track of the album as Cole says his intuition tells him there will be better days. After realizing the change in himself falling in love, he begins to want to change other aspects of himself for the better. Toward the end of the song, he announces a 22-year-old black male by the name of James pronounced dead.


In Neighbors, Jermaine talks about getting back into selling drugs and moving back to Southside after “getting lost in the dream.” While his neighbors suspect his business, he keeps up a carefree, nonchalant attitude toward the situation. Most likely being fueled by the pain of loss and sadness.


The love story continues in Foldin Clothes as Cole talks about feeling like the best version of himself. Progression in his character becomes more evident in his attitude. Reciprocation of feelings and small deeds toward his love interest are mentioned.


In She’s Mine, Pt.2, he tells of having a baby and the way it has affected him. This having been the biggest accomplishment in his life, he begins to contemplate the rest of his life and his child’s life.


In the final song, 4 Your Eyez Only, Cole talks about all of the struggles explained throughout the album. The song is in the point of view of his deceased friend talking to his daughter about life lessons regarding what he went through and what not to do. This track is an excellent conclusion to the story and portrayed many emotions.


4 Your Eyez Only is a greatly written album that deals with many issues relevant in society today and in previous years. Jermaine Cole went double platinum with no feature with this album, and in my opinion it was, much deserved.



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